A list of the most frequently asked questions about agistment at Horse Sit Stay.

What is Horse Sit Stay?

Horse Sit Stay is a holiday horse care and short term horse agistment service located in the beautiful surrounds of Yarragon South, Gippsland.

Why use Horse Sit Stay?

Peace of mind is vital when you leave your horse in the care of others whilst on holiday or away for work.  We provide a safe, clean and secure environment for your beloved horse at Horse Sit Stay.  We’re experienced horse carers and handlers who offer reliable, professional quality care of your horse either at your home or at my property in Yarragon South.

Can you care for my dog and cat whilst I’m away?

No. Horse Sit Stay applies only to the care and supervision of horses.

How much does it cost to agist at Horse Sit Stay or you to care for my horse at home?


I visit your horse twice daily. The rate is $25.00 per day for 1- 2 horses plus travel (TBA) and $10.00 per horse if more than 2.

Maximum travel distance is within a 15 km radius of Yarragon South or further by agreement.

Service includes:
 Experienced care and supervision.
 Rugs/fly veils on/off.

 Hard feeding if needed (owners feed supplied)
 Check water etc.
 Pick up paddock (TBC at time of enquiry).
 Regular updates and photos.


Your horse stays at my property – Rosewood Park at Yarragon South.

I can offer private or shared accommodation in a number of delightful safe and sheltered paddocks for a limited number of horses.

The same service applies as for Horse Care but with the added bonus of quality grass, hay fed daily as included in the price and most importantly 24/7 supervision by an experienced horse person.

The rate is $70.00 per week per horse. Hard feeding can be arranged for a fee.

Do I need to sign an agreement?

Yes. There are separate agreements for horse agistment and horse care. The agreements are standard in nature. Their main purpose is for owners to provide preferred veterinary and alternative contact details in the event of an emergency.

How do I book agistment at Horse Sit Stay?

Call or email Helen at Horse Sit Stay. She will respond promptly. Because she offers a core service with add-on she needs to know exactly what level of service you want so she can provide a quote. A signed agistment agreement is required at the time of booking as well.

When do I pay for my horse agistment booking?

Full payment is required in advance either as a direct deposit or on the day of arrival.